Death is unavoidable!!

Death is unavoidable !!

Heads up disclaimer , it might be a dark post to some but all I hope it’s an awakening post to everyone.

With those set of lines I start this post , this year as I can recall has been one constant reminder to me that death is unavoidable!! .. having seen friends lose people they cared about .. to having myself face some personal trauma all this lead to changing me to a great extent.

I know people around you have said this before , these lines aren’t something you are hearing for the first time but the moment u realise the unavoidable truth it holds and the glaring fact that it could be any day. The more u value each micro second in your life. On my encounter with this very instance, where a quote u read makes so much sense to you, here are a my notes to you.

1. Live in the moment , I know it’s easier said that done. Just be present in what ever it is your doing , give that moment your fullest.

2. Don’t dwell on the past , let go of your anger. Make amends if any, don’t wait it out.

3. Never be afraid to search for something that will keep u passionate , be it at work or a physical activity or a relationship – never settle and give up hope.

4. Forgive yourself – be empathetic to yourself.

5. No one is perfect including yourself .. so don’t let expectations ruin relationships.

6. Be there for people in the best possible way. Assume everyone is having a harder day than you – do exactly what you will expect a friend to do for you.

7. Above all if you aren’t smiling as often with how things are going in ur life – don’t be afraid to cut lose and run after what you want.

I am not a philosophical writer or even close to that .. but I hope it’s just a refreshment of things u already have read , some times we just need to rethink what we already know. It’s been the toughest year for me personally, these are the things I take forward with me, looking from a window hoping to see rainbows and sunshines.

I hope this reaches to some one in a similar state and that can reiterate the strength and faith to strive for what you want knowing that death is unavoidable for you and for the ones you care.

Channelise the pain in something more constructive to be able to be that ray of sunshine in someone’s life.

With that it’s a wrap !!


Battle grounds

Have you ever felt that all you had to do was be strong through out your life , well you are no loner in that phase let me reassure you everyone out there have felt this at some point of time ! Ok now that could make you stop reading this blog because if u were expecting a story about how I fought my battles and was strong , well no I am not here to tell you that you are going through the worst phase of your life and there is no one like you out there , with problems like you have.. well dream how much you want but everyone is fighting their own battles.

Those insta ready life’s you see are not the real truth , neither is the happy quote on whatsapp , neither is that fitness goal with a hidden tummy tucker. Everyone is literally dragging themselves through every second of life , may be that’s the new millennium lifestyle.

Now having said that let me also tell you this , everyone’s battles are as big as they perceive them to be . And you have done an amazing job in the battle grounds life has thrown at you, you had to be strong , you were . You had to be empathetic and you were. You had to give up things and you did. You had prioritise and pick between the most difficult choices life had thrown at you and you did. You had to be strong because there was no other way out and you were !

So just know what ever comes your way . You are going to face it just like you always did, you can’t compare your life with another’s . This is your battle ground and you will win . Win over those obstacles, win over multiple people who try to put you down , win over your fears , win over yourself. Just so that you are ready for the next round.

So cheers 🥂 to life and all the beautiful battle grounds it has in place for us. Just a reminder your not in this alone everyone is fighting their battles let’s be more empathetic , let’s be strong and not feel pity on ourselves.

Gear up ! Let’s fight !

Save Our Seafarers!

Sculpture of a sailor's wife

A heartfelt letter to who ever it may concern.

I belong to a family of a seafarer, I could be anyone a daughter worried about her father , a mother worried about her son , a wife holding together the family while hoping her husband is fine , a father who is old and during this lockdown could really appreciate some support from his young son, a sister helping out her parents and looking for support from her brother , a brother worried about his younger brother.

Yes we are the family of a seafarer , its a career choice made with a great amount of mental stability in an individual and their families. In general every time you seafarer goes sailing their is a sense of dependency and stability that goes from the family.

They travel from country to country enabling the supply chain to continue across the globe , with days and months being in a constant lockdown. Just like the one we are in now. Except that we have family to support , internet connections , TV programs to entertain. While a seafarer could some time go by without even a means to communicate from days – months.

Just think about the amount of frustrations every citizen is facing now with mental counselling  and understanding we are accepting that this is a tough time for everyone to accept a lockdown. Imagine yourself living this life every time you go to work sometimes 4-6 months to even 9 months at a stretch with all you can see is water.

Today in a crisis situation like the COVID-19 , I call upon the government to understand the situation. While it is of utmost importance to keep the supply chain running , Isn’t it our duty to help these seafarers in their career so that they can help the economy , while millions of people are staying at home , these people are travelling to high risk countries in order to ensure the economy functions. Isn’t it our duty to do everything possible to ensure that they are fine and not being over burdened.

We have bought back Indians , from Iran , Iraq , Maldives , Italy – Why aren’t essential service people given any importance ? The seafarers are stuck in cruise vessels for days now with no hope , while other countries have bought back their kin. These people are their awaiting help from the government.

They are seafarers who have almost doubled their contract period , which could lead to a burn out and also compromised safety. We are worried about a 49 day lockdown for people think of a 6-12 months lockdown seafarer’s have faced. The pandemic didn’t start on March 21st for the seafarers they have been rejected signs off at various countries due to the COVID-19 and hence have almost over done their contract.

While we are ensuring every citizen in the country is provided with basic essentials and health care , They are seafarers who have died because of health care not being reached on time, they are seafarers without pay and basic essentials stranded on ships because our country didn’t get them back.

They are seafarers who are unable to attend to medical emergencies at their home because we are not allowing them to sign off. They are seafarers who are stuck at home who might not fall under the daily wages category but are striving to make ends meet because of lack of wages. Their is no support being provided to them. Its been 21 days since the lockdown yet we fail to address this issue in our country.

Save Our Seafarers , Let the supply chain continue without having to sacrifice our seafarers !

5 things to do to stay positive during Covid-19 or Corona Lock down

I am sure most of us belong to category who never dreamed of having to live through situations like this , with advance technology and always connected attitude we have living through a restricted life where going out of them is restricted and unsafe is something most of us never thought of.

Yes , the times are challenging and I hear you loud and clear like i hear my inner voice panicking not knowing when this all will end. It has been not only unsafe to physical health but also to our mental health. It has been a test to us mentally to be strong in to be able to find the courage to encourage ourselves and be that support to others also.

Here are few list of things I could think of to help to try stay positive during a lock down.

Breakdown the Situation!

Isn’t this what we always use to crib about not having the time to do the things we love , How many times would have you thought to take a break and find what you love , to follow your passion , to just simply be able to spend time with your self or with loved ones, to rethink about life .

Well there you go this a perfect opportunity for you to do exactly that !! try not to hear the sirens from outside , try to hear that inner voice its exactly what you needed .Just because its enforced break doesn’t mean its not a break! Utilize this time so that when we are done with this we are stronger , better and a happier generation !

You have the greatest gift with you-TIME!

What was the recipe you wanted to try but never got the time to do it , Was there a game your child had been asking you to play but you just couldn’t ever find the energy to go with it , was there a dress you wanted to fit in but never could plan a work out because of your hectic schedule.

There is nothing stopping you now !! you have the greatest gift right here in-front of your eyes that’s Time! I am sure everyday we all would have cribbed about how busy our life’s are just wished we had a few hours so that we can get and do something we wanted to always do . So why wait make a list of the top things you want to do and lets check atleast those which we can do while at home and enjoy those moments ! Happy listing !!

Clean and Redecorate

Staying in the same place everyday morning waking up to the same scene could get daunting over the time. Don’t lie to yourself there is definitely something about going to bed in freshly cleaned sheets , about a small corner in your house that you can turn into a space for you or a loved one. Those plants that always need care that looked perfect where they are but rearranged a bit could just look completely like a different location.

Aren’t we also coping with just a little rearrangement in our life lets make that rearrangements to our space so that every now and then we wake up to something new.

Make Amends

Is there always been something that has left you having a bad awful feeling you cant get rid off. A fight with your friend , those unspoken words to your parents , an ex you cant stop being mad at or something you cant forgive yourself for.

With a new life module you have here look into those past that you just wished you could mend and move forward. That heavy bag of weight you have been carrying with you on your shoulders that lets make life feel all the more heavier. Its time to let go of that !! So that when we walk out from this we are more light on ourselves , so that we can smile one more smile in a day . So that world is not just free of this deadly virus but actually a better place to live in with a better generation.

Switch off and Disconnect.

There is so much going on and I understand the need to be updated on whats happening but you don’t have to be updated about every second switch off the buzz happening around you so that you can focus on more productive things , The given scenario there is not much you can control on the outside but there is definitely a lot you can control on how you accept information your perspective to things. So control the things that you still have control of so that what ever may come your way you are prepared.

Switch off the from the regular updates which are basically every where even if its for 2-3 hours a day. But do this by slowly increasing the time and you will observe how easy it is to let your mind just get panicked and hooked up in all the things and not focus on yourself.

Let’s stay strong , You are not in this alone. They are a lot of people out there going through the exact same thing as what you are . We are going to fight this and come out stronger not just physically but mentally also. We are going to be a different generation once this gets over. A generation that smiles more , a generation that are more clear about what is actually important in life , a generation that is more empathetic to their neighbor than before. A generation that has fought and changed and better !.

The ordinary girl !!

Today I’m writing this blog not because I wanted to write trust me with how life is going on currently I hardly have time to even grab a coffee.. but today this is for all those “ordinary girls” including me cheers to all of you .. yes you chilling around with Facebook , yes you trying to get that perfect selfie , yes you who is at the peak most highs of your career , yes you who is cooking a wholesome meal for your family or yourself .. cheers to all of you !! Because I am just like you and I am ashamed of myself I feel bad that all I can think of is my little world .. today i am afraid to open the newspaper afraid to subscribe to a news channel afraid to face the truth .. afraid to read the headline because all I see are rape cases.. I am afraid to read that and live with myself knowing that I don’t do anything to stop this , knowing that I am afraid to even start thinking about doing something … I am ashamed that I am here living in my own little world too lazy to go out .. too lazy to bother about stuff yet read and complain ..

actually we haven’t ever bothered about anything apart from ourself till it effects us what are we exactly waiting for , to be attacked , to be raped , to be tortured , to be killed WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ?? If this is what we are waiting I don’t think the wait is too long it’s slowly and very creepily coming too close to each one of us ., because we are so busy in our lives we actually don’t have the time to stand up for anything .. is this what woman empowerment is ?? I think it’s high time we take it in our hands to fight back .. every ordinary girl out there you alone just you can make a huge difference start from as small as changing every single person you meet .. start from ur son ,your bro, your dad .. your friend ,your boyfriend .. start from your daughters , your moms teach them how to stand up for themselves , let them hear your voice so that it can help them in hearing theirs !!

Mind chatter

Ok well this is my first blog ever I am writing I know someday I am gonna look back at this and think “What was I thinking when wrote this !!” But that’s not stopping me from writing today. I have a whole lot of thoughts going on in my mind that I need to express if not for anyone at least for myself.

its my marriage in a few days and here I am totally puzzled about what I am feeling right now .. anxious ! excited or terrified ! dunno what random emotions are these seems like all the harmones in my body decided to have a party tonight 🙂

I am marrying the person I loved for years together, we stuck by each other through thick and thin.. so marriage it shouldn’t be a big deal should just be like the icing on the cake to start ur life legally with that some one .. but no its damn scary to think u will be married in a few days your past life , your current life , your future everything just starts running in your mind. How badly do I want to tell it to SHUT UP!! but it doesn’t.

I look back at my past those wonderful years when Sand castles were the only houses you ever wanted to build , when getting dirty meant playing in puddles , ghosh ! I have grown so much .. tomorrow I might have kid who will be playing this way and life .. life seems to be in a running race and it’s a damn good player I tell you .. 🙂 I also see those big black dots in my past which are the mistakes I assume I made I see myself down not knowing where tomorrow will lead me to , almost feeling lost to my own self , running from my thoughts , almost giving up on myself. I remember how these mistakes meant so much to me back then and I felt like I could never get out of it and look at me today, rised even more higher then what I was . I realised now that these were the lessons that made me who I am today , these were the lessens that strengthen me even more to learn how to fight back every time I fell, to not pick the easy route out but pick that one that you feel is right and stick by it .

You might be thinking what exactly is she trying to tell us here. Well I am not here to tell you the do’s and don’ts before marriage nor do I have remedy to fix all the emotions you might go through before getting married or in that case when ever u are too anxious about your future, might be a marriage or anything. I just wanted everyone to take a few mins off reflect back on their past when they feel like, life is running too fast!! I feel every one has those small little black dots in your past look back at those and see how much you have grown take a minute to appreciate yourself for being so strong because only when you love yourself only then you can be the best perfect version of who ever you are. Those motivational stories , or those success stories , those pat’s on the back from you near and dear one’s all of those might bring you an amazing amount of support but all you are ever looking for is an approval an appreciation from ur own self. So go ahead look back on those battles u fought might be small or they might be big but I think it’s from those battles that anyone has the learnt the most and be proud of yourself for getting ahead of it and moving on and knowing that you are far too stronger than what u think you are so what ever may be coming up in ur future good , bad.. just remember you would definitely make it out.

now I think I feel much better 🙂 after venting out the few random thoughts in my mind , the anxious part is at least reduced a bit and I am just excited in a happy way about my future . Wish me luck both on my blog and my marriage 🙂